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Shanghai Dongmeng Road and Bridge Machinery Co. LTD

Shanghai Dongmeng Luqiao Machinery Co., LTD. Logo in the structure and color of clever integration, the company's brilliant history and modernization, national development together, set up a sincere, open, innovative corporate image. The combination of two capital letters D and M, representing the abbreviation of "East" and "Meng", is simple and atmospheric, improving the company's brand recognition, easy to read and remember. Capital D and M are not only the pinyin acronyms of "DE" and "Mei", but also the pinyin acronyms of "Dong" and "Meng", indicating that since its establishment, East Mongolia has followed along with Germany and The United States and kept pace with the development of The Times, and has a glorious history just like That of China.

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To build quality with craftsmanship and precision

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DongMeng company in more than 100 countries and regions have project cooperation

Green Economy

Green is a "high-tech, resource conservation, environmental protection, green production, green industry new economic growth point" industrial structure and production mode


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